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Roving Characters


The Paradise Sisters

Fallen from heaven, Angela and Angelica are two angels devoted to enchanting young and old with their comical carols. Bringing sung classics with divine laughable twists, this duo will float through their interactive repertoire and sweep you off your feet. 

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Myriam Sutton

Costumes: Myriam Sutton

Mr & Mrs Ventrape - Aram Mahmoud.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Ventrape

Fighting the winds of change, Mr. and Mrs. Ventrape advance through the elements as if stuck in time. Their garments float like sails to the rhythm of a poetic wind hypnotizing the audience. With the breeze in their hair, these physical theatre performers put to work the art of mask and mime in this drifting imagery.


Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Myriam Sutton

Costumes: Josée Provençal

Masks: Myriam Sutton

The Trollz - Alex Côté.jpg
©Alex Côté

The Trollz

With a disoriented compass, an out-dated road map and a clock stuck in time, the Trollz will need a helping hand to make their way back to their home in the lost forests of Macgillycuddy. Meet Murlutune, Izigre, Tarlapse and Golbet who will sing with birds, speak to vegetables, walk upside down and play with time, to share the daily joys of their singular and surprising universe. These playful and heart-warming characters will enchant big and small as a solo, duo, trio, or foursome.

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale, Myriam Sutton, Anne-Fay Audet Johnston & Marie-Michèle Pharand

Costumes & Noses: Myriam Sutton

The Aunties

The best visit is always the one from The Aunties, who will light up the lawn party for young and old. From complimenting the furniture, doing the Macarena, or removing the mustard stain on your cheek, this endearing duo will entertain you without skipping a beat.

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Myriam Sutton

More Coming Soon
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