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Alpha Comedy for All

Vanessa Kneale is a certified group class instructor with experience teaching in summer camps, schools, gyms, offices and professional programs. With formats suitable for toddlers to adults, Vanessa has shared the joys of the performing arts across the globe.

Comedy Dance

A fun and dynamic workshop for all ages, anchored in comedy, movement and rhythm. Of interest as much for musicians, dancers, comedians, as well as anybody with 2 left feet, comical dance is an accessible and motivating performance style. Through a warm-up based in several dance techniques, participants will develop their scenic presence and physical expressivity. With the help of an emotionally-ridden and varied soundtrack, comical dance sequences will then be learnt to promote coordination, the development of personal physical vocabulary, and of course self-confidence. At the end, participants will be able to choose a song of their choice and create a comical story supported by music to present before the group. A real creative party for all to shine!


There is a clown in all of us. The search for one’s clown character is a journey to know and accept oneself harmoniously. This workshop offers participants the chance to better understand what is clowning and the techniques to put this art form into practice. Through various games and fun exercises, participants will pursue their quest of discovering and bringing to life their own clown character. They will thus be able to identify what makes them unique and how to highlight their traits through comedy. This fun exploration and practice held in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere is entertaining and amusing for all.


Physical Theatre

At the basis of all performative disciplines, and especially in clowninng, physical theatre offers the possibility for all to develop their corporal language. This workshop includes a warm-up based in classical dance techniques and follows through with explorations within the disciplines of mime and slapstick. The workshop will culminate with the creation and presentation of short silent numbers putting into practice the acquired vocabulary.

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