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Chez Francis

Welcome to the backyard party held by Francis, your neighbor/relative/friend of naïve nature. The afternoon programing appears to be pleasant, however it isn’t so much the bitter taste of the ham sandwiches that’s ruining the party, but rather the burning gaze of the upstairs neighbor… the landlord. 

In-Situ Performance 

Length: 25 minutes

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Stéphane Landry


As the best of friends and an unparalleled duo, Les Chic-Chics land on stage with one thing on their mind: light up the party inside your heart! And on top of it, they have a show to present! Are you ready? Well, they sure are, or at least, that’s what they think…

The performance has barely begun and things just aren’t going as usual: props are getting stuck in space and time, inanimate objects are coming to life and the laws of physics seem to be vanishing into thin air… Ouf, it’s not easy being a clown!


Luckily, these friendly characters won’t give up and will find plenty of solutions through thick or thin to deliver their beloved show! With a bit of magic, a touch of music and dance, and a side of mime, 

Boomachicaboom is a clown adventure in which friendship, perseverance, and solidarity prevail.

Social Clowning Performance

Length: 30 minutes

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Félix Imbault



It’s Vana’s wedding day and Bibi, her bestie, will do everything she can to make it happen. For better or for worse, these blissfully divergent gals will test the contemporary meaning of marriage till death do them part. RSVP to the party, where perfection could become a nightmare.

Includes partial nudity

Length: 45 minutes

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Héloïse Binette

Direction: Francine Côté & James Keylon

Costumes: Josée Provençal

See Teaser

Les Bunheads & Friends

Montreal’s hottest performers gather in the wildest variety cabaret night! Stomp and clap music, tear-inducing comedy, and wild-fruity burlesque is your ticket to thrilling entertainment. This seamlessly intertwined physical comedy fable brings beat-boxing bump and biting acts that will not disappoint.

Includes partial nudity

Length: 60 minutes

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale, Janie Pinard, Héloïse Binette, Marc Rowland, Jan Dutler

Direction: Francine Côté & James Keylon

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