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Stage Acts



Vana is a true lady of showbiz entertaining one and all with her glitzy costumes and slick moves. Her repertoire ranges from theatrical set-ups to classic variety within which her obsession for perfection will have her dramatically fall from grace. This iconic female figure will have us all laugh and ponder about the drudgery appearances and pressure.

Bibi & The Beast

Meet Bibi, a down to earth bawdy lady who says it like it is. Enter stage right, the competitive, self-centered, and heartless perfectionist with a superiority complex, the Beast (aka Vana). As Murphy’s law will have it, these star-crossed characters are doomed to work out their blissfully opposed differences in comical sets which will enshrine the universal truth of human divergence.

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Héloïse Binette

Direction: Francine Côté & James Keylon


Les Bunheads

Les Bunheads are the ultimate alpha female slapstick duo. They present a three-course feast of the first encounter, clash, and timeless rivalry of two world class stage stars. One by one, their comedic dance acts reveal an enduring storyline about antagonism and inevitable partnership in the glossy cut-throat world of showbiz.

Creators & Performers: Vanessa Kneale & Janie Pinard

Direction: Francine Côté & James Keylon

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